Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Doll Challenge: Redwing

Last spring, we took a trip south of Albuquerque to the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. We walked out on a bridge across a lake as the sun lowered in the sky. The place was filled with redwing blackbirds, who flew across the water and called to each other. Those moments live inside me, and I've created a figure which embodies the spirit of the redwing.

The Art Dolls Only Challenge was to make a doll which incorporated some or all of the elements: earth, air, fire, water. A redwing blackbird flies through the deepening blue sky. The red and yellow on the bird's wings echo the sunset and fire. Trees or vines climb up the doll's neck, with roots in the earth but stretching up toward the sky. The tips of the doll's hair are blue as if they have been dipped into water.

Here is "Redwing". She's made of clay and cloth and painted with acrylic.

Her hair is a Tibetan lambswool wig.
Wings are painted on her back.

She stands about 17 inches tall. She's the third doll that I've made as I work on developing my style and technique in dollmaking.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Art Dolls

As I delve into the world of making my own dolls, I've been looking at lots of other handmade dolls. Art Dolls Only issued a challenge to make a doll based on the elements. I hope my latest doll will fit right in! Images will be posted on Friday, but I'll post a preview image now as a teaser. (More preview available on my Allegro Melody FaceBook page!)

This is Redwing, a doll made from airdry clay and cloth, painted with acrylics. More images to come on Friday.