Sunday, October 31, 2010

Muñeca de Muerte

My most recent art doll was featured in an art show at 105 Art Gallery downtown Albuquerque. The show was called "The Grateful Dead." 
This is my "La Muerte", painted in the style of calaveras often seen at our local Día de Muertos parade. 

She's made from air-dry clay, cloth, mixed media, and painted with acrylics.  She's about 14 inches tall, and sits on a little shelf. I might put her up on Etsy when I have time later, although I'm not sure that she shouldn't stay in my own collection.... 

Her face was fully sculpted before I painted it.  

Here's a photo of my daughter last year before we went to the Día de Muertos parade and celebrations. This year, our Muertos y Marigolds parade will take place next Sunday. It's a wonderful event, full of celebration, music, dance, and color.