Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kiandra and Demetria: two new customized Sashas now on Etsy!

Demetria and Kiandra: customized Sasha dolls
I've just finished two new customized Sasha dolls! Been a really long time since I've done any of these, and I'm pretty pleased with the way they came out.  They're both repainted, rewigged, and I made their dresses with fabric carefully chosen to complement their coloring.


Demetria is a customized Sasha doll with long strawberry-blond hair and eyes in shades of brown and gold. Her name refers to Demeter, the Greek goddess of corn and the harvest.

You can find here for sale here on Etsy with more information:


Kiandra is a customized Sasha doll with long black hair and eyes in shades of very pale blue. Her name means "water baby" and "magical" and I think she has somewhat of a magical look to her. 

Here's her Etsy link where you can read more:
Here's an image of what Kiandra originally looked like
 I hope you like them!