Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tick tock tick tock.

Most clocks are no longer made with big brass cogs and gears which wind up with a key - they're little bitty things that run on batteries. But the insides of old clocks are so fascinating that I decided to make a doll with old clock movements. I can think of all sorts of expressions using the concept of time or clocks.  Time after time. Out of time.  Her clock is ticking. Once upon a time. Time and time again. Quiet time. Time flies. Time is of the essence. And so on.

First I visited thrift stores to search for old clocks and watches, but  the pickings were slim - I guess other artists have had the same idea!  I've heard that steampunk has been around for a while, but has only recently become popular.

I started with an air-dry clay and made the head, hands, and boots. Body of cloth, button-jointed arms and legs, and bead-jointed knees and elbows. I created an indented box in her torso and covered it with paperclay.

I filled her chest with clock parts, and small watch parts line her bodice. She even has clock gears in her hair! She's about 18 inches tall if she were to stand.

She sits on a little shelf which I painted purple and added more clock movements. The shelf is 14" x 12".

Here's a view of her back.

And her boots.

Timepiece is currently in a show at Dreamscapes Gallery here in Albuquerque called "Valley of the Art Dolls." There are around 20 artists in the show with lots of wonderful work. Many of the dolls are created from found objects and are far from the traditional doll form.

The dates of the show are December 4 through January 31, and the gallery is just north of downtown Albuquerque at 1523 Fifth Street NW (telephone 688-3190). Receptions on December 4, January 1 & 15 - 5:30-8:30.

 Timepiece was inspired by a challenge issued by the Art Dolls Only group (of which I'm a member) to create a doll with "foreign objects." 


niknik said...

Очень интересная кукла! У Вас с фантазией все в порядке!))) Браво!

Yve said...

she's cool, I paticularly like the boots. Glad you found a few timepiece innards! The whole steampunk/cogs thing baffles me, I suppose it's because steampunk is mainly a literary movement and people are having difficulties adapting it into a visual medium. Whatever, I love your doll and the cogs have a reason for being a part of her :o)

Trolineke said...

Wow, super.
Beatiful, all the details.

Sarah said...

She is just beautiful! I love the way you have used the watch parts. I have some old watches that I bought a while ago thinking of using them but of course-they are still in the drawer! I love her little boots too!

Allegro Melody said...

Thank you, everyone! My daughter likes the boots, too, and wants some "just like those." I'll have to research the steampunk thing a bit more - like the imagery, but didn't realize it was a literary movement.