Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway Winner!

Time to announce the One World One Heart Giveaway Winner!  Here's little Bluebird waiting to go on her trip to her new home.

Well, I have drawn a number through the Random Number Generator. It's not as dramatic as pulling a number out of a hat, but it sure is a lot easier than organizing that many numbers. Oh - I wish I had taken a screen shot of that before I closed the window!  I did figure out how to number my entries. I forget where I found it, but there was a tutorial on the web that showed how to change the code so that each entry is numbered. It took a few tries, but I figured it out eventually.

So the winner is... da da da-ta! Comment number 108. That's Lonnie Bullington of LJ Studios in Phoenix, Arizona - right next door to us here in New Mexico. But I'm running into a bit of a problem - Lonnie doesn't have a way to contact her through her blog! So I will leave a comment for her on her blog and hope that she reads it.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and I hope that you will come back often. I'm still at the beginning of my art doll journey and look forward to wherever this path takes me!


Lonnie Bullington said...

I am here. So I did. Saw the post, updated my profile with my e-mail address and I jumped for joy at the news. You can contact me through this e-mail address:

Regina said...

Congratulations to Lonnie!!!
I think that we all walked away from this amazing journey with a gift....the gift of finding kindred friends and seeing that we all have things in common.


jasmoon-butterfly said...

wonderful, it was great fun - see you next year xo

Dorthe said...

Hej Melody

Tak for din hilsen,
hvor skriver du flot dansk, det betyder nok, at du forstår hvad jeg skriver her?
Hvor hyggeligt at høre ,om dine dejlige oplevelser her i DK, det må være gode minder, at have med i din baggage.
Jeg kan godt forstå du gerne vil vise din familie Danmark, engang.
Jeg er meget optaget af dine dukker, de er fantastiske, så jeg følger med på din blog.

vi "ses" igen
kærlige hilsener fra Dorthe

Lisa Gatz said...

What a lucky winner!

We are having a blog giveaway at my blog and That Creative Place blog (the link is on my site) since we missed the deadline for OWOH.

Beautiful work, as always!

Ms. Lucy said...

Love your blog! I linked you today- come check it out: