Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Chance at a Bargain Price!

Don't miss my two dolls on eBay, ending later this afternoon (5:25 PDT)! Last chance to bid on one for a bargain basement price! If they don't sell, they go back to Etsy tomorrow -- and at a higher price.

And while you're there, search for "ADOT" on eBay to find pieces by other members of the Art Dolls Only Team. We plan to do group listings once a month around the beginning of the month, so I'll post a reminder here next time it comes up.


Sue said...

The economy still really sucks - I can't believe these two beauties are so low. My 'economy' also sucks or I would be all over these!

I bet there are a lot of last minute bidders with these on their watch lists.



Allegro Melody Art Dolls said...

Thanks for your kind words, Sue! Let's hope that all of our economies get better soon.