Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deja que salga la luna...

I just finished and turned in a retablo for ABQ Nouveau Retablo, a local fundraiser.
Of course, it's not a traditional retablo (the traditional retablos are usually religious in subject matter) - but it relates to the literal translation for "retablo" which means "painted/applied on a tablet." I painted and applied a paperclay crescent moon on a piece of wood that was supplied (it's about 11 x 9 inches). My little doll (she's about 7.5" tall) sits on the moon - she's made of paperclay, cloth, acrylics, and mixed media.
There's a wonderful song that a friend of mine sings called "Deja que salga la luna" ("Let the moon rise"). Of course it's a love song. Here's a version of the song sung by the great Pedro Infante:

I've painted a crescent moon shape on the doll, and her hair is made from burlap strands.
There will be an auction and reception on Friday, May 7 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center here in Albuquerque, from 6-8:30pm at their Education Center. Funds are to benefit the National Hispanic Cultural Center and New Mexico Hispanic Women's Council scholarship programs. I got to see lots of great retablos of all sorts that had been turned in - it should be a wonderful event!


Christine said...

She turned out wonderfully! And I like that you have a new spin on a traditional art form~why not have it in 3D?!
Sounds like it is for a wonderful cause~how lucky you are to be in a region that hosts such a benefit for Hispanic women!

Christine said...

p.s. get lost of pictures of your piece and the other retablos..I love retablos!Have a great time

Allegro Melody Art Dolls said...

Thanks, Christine! The benefit is a brand new one, run by some good friends of mine. I saw piles of retablos when I turned mine in - can't wait for the opening - and yes, I'll definitely take photos.

Creative Art and Soul said...

It's beautiful, Melody! You are so multi-talented! I wish I was there to bid on it! Let us all know how hte event turns out.