Sunday, April 25, 2010


The apple tree in our back yard blossomed last week, letting us know that spring is indeed on its way. The flowers didn't last long, and the ground was soon covered with white flower petals as the green leaves made their way toward the warm sun. Primavera (which means "spring") has an apple tree painted on her torso.

She's on Etsy now.

She has gold-brown eyes and her black hair is made from burlap strands. She's very small - about 7.5 inches tall (approximately 19 centimeters), has button jointed arms and legs which can be posed, and she sits quite nicely. She wears a white tulle skirt and has striped green & blue legs. She wears clunky black laceup boots.
She has wings painted on her back, and little white apple blossoms fly off the tree and around her neck.

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Yve said...

very cute :o)

Coeur de cerise said...

I love it! Beautifull work.

Christine said...

A piece of art indeed! Love the hair made from burlap(!) and the beautiful painting on her torso~wonderful!

Sue said...

Stunning! I love the artwork you do on your pieces!


Allegro Melody Art Dolls said...

Thank you for all of your kind comments! The burlap idea I borrowed from Nancy Wiley - I loved the hair on her new Alice in Wonderland.